frequently asked questions

How do I charge my rechargeable table lamp?

Plug in the Type C connector on the underside of the lamp shade and the other side of the cord into a USB port

How long does it take for the lamp to fully charge?

The lamp will be fully charged in approximately 8 hours with a continuous charge

How long does the battery last on a single charge?

The lamp will last up to 10 hours

Is the charging cord included with the lamp?

Yes, a 800mm cord is supplied with the lamp

Can I use any USB cord to charge the lamp?

The supplied cord is recommended

Does the lamp have a low battery indicator?

No, it does not

How do I turn the lamp on and off?

You switch the lamp ON /OFF by pressing the button on the top of the lamp

Can I adjust the brightness of the lamp?

Yes, by holding down the button on the top of the lamp – the lamp can be dimmed from 5% – 100%

How do I clean my rechargeable table lamp?

The lamp must be cleaned with a damp cloth

Are there any safety precautions I should take when using the lamp?

To protect the integrity of the lamp and battery, don’t leave the light in complete sunlight for extended periods of time

Can I use the lamp outside or is it only for indoor use?

The lamp can be used in internally and externally. The lamp has an IP65 rating which renders the lamp water –resistant and can be used outside

Does the lamp have a warranty?

1 year warranty

Is the lamp portable and can be carried around?

The lamp can be carried around safely

Can I use the lamp as a night light?

Yes, you can use the light as a night light

Can I dim the lamp with a remote control?

No, you cannot.

Does the lamp have multiple light modes?

The lamp only has one light mode

Can the lamp be used as an emergency light?

The lamp shouldn’t be used an emergency light

How do I know when the lamp is fully charged?

The light on the top of the shade will change from RED to GREEN

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