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The Casa Calore rechargeable table lamp is a stylish, convenient, and long-lasting lighting solution that provides cordless operation, a built-in dimmer switch, and up to 10 hours of continuous light on a single charge. It’s a perfect choice for any room in your home or office. In these challenging times of load shedding , these lamps are both practical and can add a stunning aesthetic appeal to any space in your home. If you prefer to use dimmer lights in your home instead of the big, flashy ones, then a Casa Calore rechargeable table lamp is the first choice for you allowing elegance and a sense of peace to descend over your spaces.

Elegance and style


Rechargeable TABLE LAMPS



rechargeable table lamps

why rechargeable lamps?


Smart Touch

With the ON/OFF TOUCH intelligent technology on the top of the lamp shade the Casa Calore table lamps are easy to use 

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With 5,200 m Ah battery power, Casa Calore lamps lasts up to several days, depending on the dimming level. At maximum light intensity, it shines for an inspiring 10 hours per charge and takes approx. 8 hours to recharge to its full capacity


outdoor use

Our designer lamp impresses with its IP 65 water resistant protection rating.  The lamps can be used in an outside setting and are both water-resistant and dust proof .This makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.



Once charged the lamp can be carried around easily and
placed at convenient locations in your home or office. Weighing an average of
800g (model dependant) it is extremely stable on level surfaces



The lamp has a dimmable function which allows the user to set the light intensity from 5 -100%. The set dimmable level remains in memory if switched off and on again. The dimming function allows the user the versatility to create various ambient moods and environments.



The lamps are charged with a 800mm wire fitted with a USB and Type C fitting. Each charge takes 8 hours and will give you 10 hours of light. A charging and fully charged light shows the status of charge. Red light for CHARGING and Green light for FULL CHARGED.